Organic Farming

All About the Soil

Because HEMP pulls out all chemicals, toxins and everything you don't want to ingest it's IMPERATIVE you use CBD made and grown from certified organic HEMP seed in certified organic soil.
We craft our soils and nutrients in our partner facilities in California and Oregon, and a high volume hemp processing lab in Southern California, we are currently in a powerful position to seize upon opportunities in our emerging industry and become a recognized leader in the industry within the next 2 years.


Sustainability is ensured by a strategically-designed permaculture growing platform. Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature, to create a sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystem.
Our farms are able to cultivate year-round, in an eco-conscious, near zero-energy environment. We rely on the beneficial relationship between animals, plants and ourselves, allowing each party to contribute to the farm’s ecosystem.

Superior Quality

Superior quality is attained through the breeding of high-quality genetics, mindful attention to detail and organic farming practices. Our farms' breeding program continually targets the most desirable phenotypes, enhanced by the use of an in-house gas chromatograph, to ensure proper genetic selections and state compliance.

Organic farming practices and rigorous standards ensure that our farms are able to yield a product that is sustainably-minded and of superior quality.