HarmonyFilm™ Sublingual Delivery Film Technology

Cutting-edge innovation for improved drug delivery of active ingredients

HarmonyFilm™ delivers improved solubility, bioavailability, and ease of use for a better consumer experience

HarmonyFilm is our orally dissolvable film technology platform for optimizing the bioavailability and metabolism of therapeutic active ingredients. Orally dissolvable film technology is a versatile dose form for creating custom products with optimal release profiles.

Sublingual Strip Consumption

HarmonyFilm™ products are about the size of a stamp, and can deliver therapeutic actives through the oral mucosal tissue sublingually or buccally. Oral transmucosal drug delivery is a non-invasive route that allows for the active ingredients to be absorbed directly into the vascularized tissue in the mouth, bypassing the hepatic first pass effect. This leads to reduced drug exposure and can offer a rapid onset of action.

Active ingredients in the HarmonyFilm™ can be either water-soluble or encapsulated for more effective absorption and sustained release. As oral dissolvable films dissolve quickly, no water is required for their consumption, improving user compliance – especially among children, and in conditions where users have difficulty in swallowing.


  • No unpleasant aftertaste, unlike pills
  • Direct absorption into bloodstream
  • No need for water or swallowing
  • Precise dosing + faster onset
  • Discreet
  • Available in any flavors
  • Multiple actives up to 150mg
  • No need for water, swallowing, or chewing
  • Multiples actives can be loaded onto one film
  • Potential for reduced side effects with a lower dose

Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Powder

Atrium water-soluble powder is an self-emulsifying technology that can turn any oil-soluble concentrate into a water-soluble powder form.  Our water-soluble powder’s ease of use, perfect flowability, long shelf-life and nearly no impact on final flavor make it the ideal solution for your products.

How Does Atrium Water-Soluble Powder Work?

  • Our water-soluble powder works by dissolving plant extracts in a naturally-derived carrier and then creating nanoencapsulation droplets with a high-pressure emulsifier, and followed by a filtration to enhance the final purity.
  • Our nano-encapsulation process delivers small particle sizes of less than 500 nanometers, allowing the plant extract molecules to be integrated seamlessly with any existing power-based ingredients.
  • Free of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.
  • 100% Vegan
  • Gluten Free

Harmony™ Suppository

Suppositories formulated for relief during period, or for local muscular relaxation and inflammation relief

Plant Extracts in cocoa butter or triglycerides derived from coconut

How Suppositories Benefit the Users

While some users may initially hesitate when it comes to suppositories, it’s important to highlight the numerous advantages this dosage form offers. These benefits specifically cater to various groups:

  1. Elderly: Suppositories are a solution for those who struggle with swallowing.

  2. People with digestive blockages: Suppositories can bypass obstacles within the digestive tract.
  3. Individuals experiencing vomiting: When users can’t keep anything down, suppositories provide a reliable alternative.

  4. Individuals avoiding foul-tasting medicine: For those avoiding the unpleasant taste of certain medications, suppositories offer a welcome alternative.

Unlocking the Power of Suppository Dosage: Revolutionizing Bioavailability

Suppositories are a game-changer in the world of bioavailability:

Enhanced Bioavailability: Suppositories boast increased bioavailability, ensuring efficient absorption by vital tissues.

First-Pass Metabolism Bypass: Unlike ingredients that can be compromised in the gastrointestinal tract, break down too rapidly, or irritate the stomach lining, suppositories take a shortcut, avoiding first-pass metabolism.

Rapid, High-Dose Delivery: Suppositories are the champions of swift and potent medication delivery, eliminating the need for specialized equipment or storage conditions.

As the elderly population continues to rise, suppository-based delivery emerges as a straightforward solution. The market has taken notice of this growing interest. In 2020, the global pharmaceutical suppositories market was valued at a remarkable $1,410.93 million. Fast forward to 2030, and it’s projected to soar to an impressive $2,402.46 million, reflecting a robust CAGR of 5.7% from 2021 to 2030. Get ready for a suppository revolution!

Product Features

  • Experience the soothing, tension-melting effects of our suppositories
  • Each suppository delivers up to 200 mg of plant extracts (any blends) directly to the area that needs it most
  • Free of solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides
  • No additives or preservatives
  • 8X higher bioavailability and absorption rate compared to oral administration (gastrointestinal)
  • Users find Harmony suppository helpful for improved vaginal comfort and overall wellness

Suppositories, while promising, do face some hurdles. Let’s dive in:

Storage Quirks: Certain suppositories demand special treatment – some need refrigeration in hot climates, while others require unique packaging to avoid moisture mishaps.

Patient Concerns: Practical issues plague patient acceptance, including irritation, leakage, and the overall reluctance to embrace suppositories.

Scientific Puzzles: Crafting suppositories is an art and science. Balancing high dosage, shape, solubility, and stability can be a puzzle. Plus, the cost and availability of materials add complexity.

But wait, there’s more to the story:

A Unique Niche: Suppository manufacturing is a niche expertise, and finding the right manufacturer is key. Enter Atrium Scientific, with over 15 million doses produced on cutting-edge equipment.


Intriguingly, suppositories offer solutions where other forms fall short, holding untapped potential for unmet needs. Stay tuned for the suppository revolution!