D.N.A. Defiant New Age™ Starfish Cellular Anti-Aging Cream

D.N.A. Cellular Anti-Aging Cream increases firmness of the skin while delivering powerful anti-wrinkle action by starfish extract (no starfish is harmed in the process of extraction). Clinically proven to reduce the number of depth of both deep and medium-deep wrinkles after a 28 day application. Includes Vitamin E, C, A, and Aloe Vera as anti-oxidants and sooth the skin.

The D.N.A. StarFish Cellular Anti-Aging Cream is a superb solution to regain a younger, glowing, and radiant appearance.  It provides exceptional barrier and protection, and leaves the skin supple and bright, while promoting the natural cell regeneration process. It also prevents water from leaving the skin, and increases long-term cell health. This long-lasting cellular regeneration essence provides unprecedented radiance.

Starfish Extract’s Safe Retinol-Mimetic Action, is the New and Unique Way to Attenuate Visible Signs of Skin Aging without Any Adverse Effects

Skin aging is a continuous and permanent process. Aging induces degradation of many skin properties and functions, with a gradual loss of barrier function, a slower turnover of epithelial cells as well as a decrease in the quality and functionality of the extracellular matrix.

But who said skin aging is inevitable?

Keeping a glowing and healthy-looking skin is part of a positive outlook on aging. Through years of clinical research and innovation, we unlocked the amazing regenerating secret of starfish using a harmless process to deliver a superior natural anti-wrinkle ingredient.

Retinol-Etinol-Mimetic Action

Retinoids, such as retinol, are the gold standard of topical anti-aging products. Topical application of retinol is effective in reducing the signs of intrinsic aging and repairing photo damaged skin. Cell regeneration, exfoliation, and dermal collagen synthesis are all stimulated by retinol applications. However, the positive clinical results obtained with retinol are offset by several side effects (Kockaert & Neumann 2003), including erythema, peeling, dryness, and pruritus. Factors determining the efficacy and safety of retinol are concentration, stability, encapsulation method and formulation. Despite of efforts to counter the negative effects of retinol, users often stop their retinol treatment before it produces noticeable results.

With D.N.A. Starfish Extract, Atrium Unlocked One of the Most Powerful Secrets of Nature, the Regenerative Potential of The Mighty Starfish

Starfish are among the most common and intriguing marine organisms. Despite their simple structure, starfish possess unique regenerative properties allowing them to regrow entire limbs following predators’ attacks.

After years of R&D, our scientific team successfully developed a harmless harvesting process, allowing collection of starfish coelomic fluid without affecting its viability.

Our unique ECOcoelomic Fluid Collecting Process is a circular economy process performed in collaboration with mussel growers. This beautiful island is bathed by the cold waters of the Atlantic, hosting vast starfish populations. Starfish play a complex role in the marine environment, mainly by regulating the population of mollusks and crustaceans. But they are also an effective predator of mussels that need to be controlled around mussel growing sites.

In collaboration with mussel growers, we developed a sustainable collection of starfish that helps control starfish population around their installations while not harming the starfish population. Each starfish that is captured is maintained alive and returned to its natural habitat after coelomic fluid collection. This practice allows starfish to completely recover and resume their normal life.

Routine quality control and quality assurance protocols are used in the selection of starfish, coelomic fluid collection and handling process to ensure that starfish population remains stable around harvesting sites.

Ecocoelomic Fluid Collection Process

  1. Harvesting of starfish in partnership with mussel fishermen;
  2. Transportation to mobile collecting facilities in sea water tanks;
  3. Non-harmful and soft coelomic fluid collecting, micro-filtering;
  4. Formulation of D.N.A. Starfish Extract;
  5. Reintroduction the starfish back to their natural marine environment.


  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduced under eye puffiness
  • Hydrate skin
  • Repair and regenerate damaged skin tissues

Proven Efficacy

A cream containing 1.6% of D.N.A. Starfish Extract was applied twice daily (27 volunteers, aged 40 to 70), during 28 days. This clinical study has shown significant results on wrinkle depth, wrinkle volume, elasticity, firmness and moisturization.

The video below shows the first 24h of the recolonization process by normal human keratinocytes in culture, comparing the control cells (top) to cells treated with starfish coelomic fluid from D.N.A.’s Asteria vulgaris (bottom).

Starfish coelomic fluid treatment doubled the speed of keratinocyte recolonization of the injured area.

In a clinical study using a 1.6% D.N.A. Anti-Aging cream or a placebo, mean values of wrinkles depth, width and volume were calculated for each subject, before and after 28 days of application of the test product.

After only 28 days of application, D.N.A. induced a significant reduction in wrinkles depth and volume of 18% and 21% respectively. This reduction was also significant when compared to the placebo with respectively 12% and 15%.

Starfish Extract In-Vitro Efficacy

Normal keratinocytes from a 49 year-old donor were placed in a culture medium until confluence. An artificial wound was created by performing a scratch in the cellular monolayer, leaving a clear space that keratinocytes can recolonize. Keratinocytes cultures were treated with growth media (Control), TGF-β (a known wound healing promoting factor) and coelomic fluid from Asteria vulgaris starfish (final concentration 0.048%). Promotion of wound healing is seen as increased recolonization of the wounded area.

Pictures of the wounded area were taken at baseline (A), and after 24h of recolonization under the control (B), TGF-β (C) or coelomic fluid (D) treatments, showing a clear, positive regenerative impact of coelomic fluid on wound healing process.

Recolonization under control conditions reached 60.5% after 24h, while use of TGF-β stimulated keratinocyte recolonization to reach 88.7%. The use of coelomic fluid promoted significantly stronger recolonization than control as well as TGF-β, with 96.4% of recolonization after 24h.

Ex-Vivo Efficacy

Analysis of skin layers’ morphology was conducted after 6 days of topical application of 1.6% D.N.A. Starfish Extract (or retinol cream) on skin explants from a 60-year-old female donor.

The effects show D.N.A. Starfish Extract helps stimulate thickening of the epidermis more than a comparable retinol cream, while provoking none of the side effects of retinol.

Collagen & Gag Synthesis

Analysis of type III and IV collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis after 6 days of topical application of 1.6% D.N.A. Starfish Extract (or retinol cream) was performed on skin explants from a 60-year-old female donor.


Water, Aloe Vera concentrate, glycerin, tetrasodium
ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid tetrasodium salt, caprylic / capric triglyceride, isoeicosane, glyceryl stearate, Vitamin C Palmitate, cetyl alcohol, Vitamin E Acetate, starfish coelomic fluid, Algae Extract.